December 31st, 2012

Today we started letting small cars and small SUV’s out.  After checking the ice tomorrow we will let 1/2 ton pickups and smaller vehicles go.  Any wheelhouses will still have to be pulled with AT’V’s.   Wednesday if the ice is good we will start letting 1/2ton pickups with single axle wheelhouses go to limited areas.  We are going to ease into it and keep and eye on the roads and see how it goes.  With this cold weather we are making ice every night.

Fishermen today had mixed results, some did very well.  A couple of rentals had good catches of Walleyes.  the “Bowl” had a lot of Perch action.   Those that stayed out overnight last night did well.  Most Walleyes are out of the slot but fishermen are having a great time catching and releasing.  Getting “keeper” Walleyes is tough but it seems that everyone gets a couple during their time out there.

Have a Happy New Year!!    Eddy