December 31st, 2015

Yesterday we had four groups of fishermen go out and one out of the three did ok.  But overall it was a little slower than it had been the last couple days.  But in talking to them when they came off the ice they were happy just to get out there again.

I got the Jeep on the ice and established what will eventually roads to the limited areas we are going to for now.  And I pulled the first rentals of the year. (small ones)  Just north of N. Twin, Spider Islands heading NE toward the eastern shore is some very unstable ice that varies in thickness from as little a 3 inches to maybe 7-8.  The edge is defined by a distinct ridge and we will not even attempt it until next week if the cooler weather holds.

There still is plenty of area to fish and all customers can get a map when they check in at the office.  We are clearing off a large parking area along our driveway for portable rigs and wheelhouses that might want to come and “camp” on shore.  This weekend will be ATV/Snowmobile/portable only.  Only wheelhouses out have to be 1500lbs. or less and no “big” (4 person) ATV’s.  Ice depth is 8 inches in most of the areas we are going but we are not taking any chances.

Today brings an end to a year i would just as soon forget as it was the first time Mille Lacs was  “closed” during the open water season because of a “treaty management” program that caused the problem.  They all say “politically correct” reasons of the lake’s Walleye population demise, but everyone knows what really started it.  It happened in Wisconsin and it happened here. Fortunately for Mille Lacs, the two recent late ice years, (where we had ice on the lake for most of the spawning time for Walleyes so they were undisturbed), we now have one very strong year class and another normal one behind it. (The reason described for the strong year classes was that is was an “anomaly” by our MNDNR commissioner….)  🙂

I would suggest everyone this year make a resolution to contact their representative and senator in Minnesota and tell them to quit worrying about how much money they can get from the Tribal lobby every year and do something, (and they can), to stop the destruction of Minnesota’s Fisheries for the citizens that voted them into office. Tell them we want it changed, and protected!  Or we will vote for someone that will!!

Keep a Tight Line!