December 4, 2014

Today I finished  the rough ice on the Banana road and to the northwest side of Gull Reef with the  disc and Jeep.  Tomorrow going to stake roads to the Banana and Tundra for wheeler traffic.  And if time allows try to get more of the Pope’s road smoothed out.

Warmer weather is forecasted this next week so I’m thinking ice depths will not increase too much but we will see.

Fishing was good for the few out there today. I spotted a customer’s wheelhouse for them a spot NW of Spider for Northern and they caught three and one about 38″.  Another customer went in about 18 feet about a mile out from our access and stayed on the edge of the rough ice and caught some 10-12″ Walleyes, but the best news was he also ended up with some nice Perch around 12″.  Big jigs and minnows.  It was nice to see Perch of that size. I still say that’s the “bread and butter” of Mille Lacs when it come to winter!   🙂

We have 5 rentals out now available for the weekend which we can shuttle customers to if needed, (bring a wheeler if you can also), and with the nice weather coming it should be fun. This weekend will be portables, ATV’s with or without wheelhouses and walker’s for us here.  We will see how the weather goes next week before we decide about vehicle traffic.

Keep a Tight Line!