December 4th,2013

As of the a.m., things are not looking too good out there as far as ice conditions for Mille Lacs.  Yesterday we had  approx. 6-8 inches of snow and forecasted another 6-10 inches possible.  it is very possible that the majority of the lake could flood out or “slush”, which at this stage of the game might be the best option.  I hope they are wrong…. Looking at the weather radar at 10:00a.m., it looks like the most moisture is south of us and the stuff coming from the Dakotas might go north.  Positive thoughts…..

We will be getting enough cold weather over the next week that we should be able to recover from this and get going, but our “early start” is definitely out for now.  After this weekends cold we are headed out to establish roads if possible and open up for snowmobile-portable fishermen.  Right now I wouldn’t bring an ATV, unless you have tracks on it.

Keep a Tight Line!