December 7th, 2013

Yesterday I spent time down in front getting the landing started with the Jeep. There was quite a bit of snow but as I worked out farther it was less.  Biggest problem so far is the rough ice under the snow.

This afternoon we will be checking ice on our in close reefs to see if there is enough to get out there on with equipment or not.  Yesterday I took a snowmobile out to a reef about a mile out and on the way back  a small crack that had went thru on my way out had already slushed out my track for about 50 feet,  So there is definitely plenty of weight on the ice compared to it’s thickness.  This cold weather we are having will hopefully do it some good.

We will have established trails for snowmobile fishermen, ( ATV’s are going to have a tough time out there) to some of the spots by the end of the weekend so people can get out there next week and try out their new stuff from the Ice Fishing  Show!

Keep a Tight Line!!