December 7th, 2014

Spent my Sunday establishing a good road to Pope’s….It was a long slow process but i got it.  Some of my customers will like that I’m thinkin’…

Some fishermen were out today but i did not get any reports as I was on the ice till after 7:00pm and they had left by then, but with the barometer dropping in the afternoon with the snow squall I would think the action was pretty good.

We are starting tomorrow to pull mores houses, rentals and “privates”.  We are letting 1/2 ton rated trucks and smaller vehicles, and wheelhouses pulled with ATV’s for now on established roads and areas we know are good.  Tuesday i will be checking and staking roads out farther in the smooth ice, but for now no houses will be headed that way.

With the warmup predicted for this weekend, I’m going to stay where I know it’s good ice..  For now we are at Pope’s,  Gull Reef, Rays, SE Graveyard, NE Spider, NW Spider and the “knobs” for those that know. (And I might try to get into south of Spider between the islands for the “Northern” guys…)  Basically where the rougher ice is, but with all the work put into roads..fishermen will be surprised how well they turned out.

Keep a Tight Line!