December 9th, 2014

Today will be spent pulling houses., Mostly “privates” with some of our bigger rentals.  I’m going to try and get as many out while it’s a little cooler, wait a day and pull again, so ice checking farther out will wait until tomorrow.

Yesterday we had 3 rentals.  Most had pretty fair catches, but a lot of Perch in the 8-9 inch range. (Almost big enough but not quite in  Mille Lacs standards.) One group did not leave til after we closed so no report from them. Walleyes were biting but hard to get one in the harvest slot.  But it is much better overall than last year at this time.

Everywhere I’m going to be pulling rentals, customers will be able to drive to this weekend, if not sooner.  And I highly recommend bring tip-ups and gear for Northern Pike.  Those that have, have done well.

Keep a Tight Line!