December 9th, 2017

Yesterday we received just a trace of snow and this morning there are just a few flurries. The ground isn’t even white yet we have so little of it.  Which is good for making ice.

We will not be letting people out of our access over this weekend.  Plans are Monday to go out and check ice thickness and conditions and decide when and what we are going to do.  This year because of the extreme wind when it finally froze on Tuesday there are some pretty rough looking spots from what we can see from shore.  But won’t really know how good or bad it is until we get out there and look.

At three pm. I went out and checked out the ice the first hundred yards or so.  Ice thickness varied from 4 to 8 inches and was extremely rough. And by the looks of it thru the spotting scope, we have alot of work ahead of us this year.

Keep a Tight Line!