February 10th, 2014

Today it was very quiet on Mille Lacs.  Sort of eerie to see so few fishermen out.  With the temp being 23 below this morning I guess it wasn’t hard to understand.  But the good news is that tonight just might be the last of the sub zero temps for awhile!  For me and most I’m sure wouldn’t be hurt at all if it was the last!

The few that were out were busy with Perch, mostly small, but there was action at the least.  Looking forward to the last few weeks I think this warmer weather we will see somewhat better action, and from what I have seen in the shallower water when hopefully we might see some late season Tullibee and Perch fishing worthwhile after the Walleye season closes Feb. 23rd.  I’m going to keep some rentals out until March 2nd for those that want to come.

You fishermen out there really need to start voicing you opinions about what has been happening here at Mille Lacs Lake to Minnesota State government  officials about “your fishery” and what has been happening to it over the years if it concerns you.  When I read that an “official” for GLIFWC  says that they are going to net and spear in the other 1837 lakes in the treaty boundaries because they can’t get enough they “need” from Mille Lacs  just makes me puke!   What a poor excuse for abusing rights in this day in age..  I’m sorry, but this isn’t 150 years ago, and there is so much “untaxed money” floating around from Casinos that there certainly is no need to net Mercury laden fish to eat everyday.  Maybe if taxes were paid by Casinos we could have better schools for everyone’s children, instead of being forced to cut programs and raise levies on those that support them!  Just another example of the many injustices…..

Keep a Tight Line!!