February 11th, 2014

It is getting warmer!!  It is going to be t-shirt weather the next week or so compared to what we have seen so far this winter and I bet it will help the fishing.  At the least it will be nice enough  to get outside and enjoy a day on the lake.

One thing for sure is that Mille Lacs will provide opportunity to anglers as time goes on, and eventually it will be the lake that fishermen will go to.   Even right now with the Walleye population at a all time low there is angler’s catching huge Northerns that makes it a trip for some.  And this summer it will become a destination for Smallmouth Bass fishermen that will have the chance to fish and catch a Bass bigger than most of the lakes in North America.

Meanwhile most of us that care will still stay on top of the  MN DNR, the Bands to restore this lake to what it should be.  A “Walleye” and “Perch” lake. and we will continue to push for the philosophy that our State of Minnesota adopted years ago.  That is that fishing is worth more to everyone as a recreational value to the citizens of Minnesota and it’s economy than just netting a resource to have something to eat!!  Especially these days when there is no “need” for it!

Keep a tight Line!!