February 11th,2017

Friday evening and today the action slowed somewhat out on the lake.  Only about half of our rentals did well, the others were pretty quiet.  Overall the better bite in the evening was still in the shallow in close reefs at 18 ft or less. Some of our deeper houses 27-29 feet caught some, but not as many.  Perch activity picked up in our gravel basin spots with a few good catches.

With the warm-up the pressure ridge “pushed” and first thing this morning there was 2 hours spent re-positioning our bridge and putting it in a new spot.  Plus we had to replace a few of the 2″ by 6″ white oak decking planks that were broken by someone that was obviously “stupid” (and probably drunk), driving a vehicle over it too fast in the middle of the night.  Customers that were out there reported to me that sometime after 2:30am a couple vehicles were driving around at high speeds, swerving and spinning on the roads.  Apparently one of them went over our bridge and as “karma” would have it…  bottomed out their vehicle on the top of the ramp and damaged their oil pan, leaving a trail of oil headed out onto the main lake towards the gravel bars. I hope they destroyed their engine and someone that reads this lets me know who it was so I can turn them in for polluting the lake, and damaging my bridge. They deserve everything that can be thrown at them.  I have no patience for crap like that out there.

Which leads me to this.  With all the new wheelhouse people up here these days and the disrespect some of them seem to have for other fishermen, I think it is time for changes in the State laws of distance between fish houses, permanent, portable, and wheelhouses on large lakes.  There is absolutely no reason why anyone has to be within 75-100 feet of anybody out there on Mille Lacs.   All daily access wheelhouse customers here get a little information sheet explaining how we would like to see them respect others and keep their speeds down on the ice roads. And most part they all appreciate it. We have customers coming here just because of that. Maybe it’s time that other resorts around this lake start doing that also, and maybe there wouldn’t be so many problems with fishermen going out of one access and coming in on another, or using some other resorts bridge when they went out of a different resort, driving way too fast on the ice roads, all sorts of things related to fishermen that don’t know what should be done to make it safe and enjoyable for everyone.  And for you shitheads that think joyriding around in the middle of the night for fun on the ice roads because you are stupid and think you can….get a life….you are the ones that will wreck it for everyone.  And may God help you if I ever catch you at it….I guarantee it will be the last time you ever do it…

Keep a Tight Line!     Eddy