February 12th – 13th,2017

Sunday i spent the day in the office talking to fishermen as they left from the weekend.  I wanted to hear first hand how they did fishing.  The reports were about 50/50 good to slow for Walleyes, slow for the Perch and the few targeting Northern Pike did ok.   The gravel bars had good fishing, but it was on the top of them in the late afternoon-evening and off the sides if you wanted to catch them during the day.  The mud edges of the deeper reefs we go to did well, but was more sporadic.  The depth ranges from 20-26 feet was where the bite was the most inconsistent.  And the shallow spots in late light hours and overnight had most of the trophy’s C/R.  I received more texts of Walleyes from 25″ to 30″ this weekend and the majority were in close.

The pressure ridge was moving this weekend so we were constantly monitoring the bridge, ( especially after Friday evening’s “excitement”. (read Saturday report)  It is fishermen like that will make a poor example of how fishermen on the lake should be.

I do not want to see Mille Lacs Lake and it’s ice fishing degrade to that. I always hear stories about things that happen other lakes in the State and I hope fishermen that come to Mille Lacs can set a good example of how it should be.  And hopefully the resorts around it all try to get the point across to their customers that we want it to be better here in all aspects of it, From safety, respect to other fishermen, cleaning up before you leave, and keeping speeds down on the ice, and playing by the rules when it comes to fishing.  I want to see my grandchildren enjoy this life as much as I do.

Keep a Tight Line!   Eddy