February 12th,2018

Over the weekend Cindy and I attended a funeral for a family member in Albert Lea.  So I was not here to talk to most like I do on Sunday.  But from what reports I heard from the office that the fishing reports were about 50/50 from ok to not so good. There were numerous pictures texted to my phone over the weekend of nice C/R Walleye and quite a few in the slot in comparison.  Our rentals had mixed reports also, but two depths of water stood out in the good reports.  18-22 feet and 31 ft plus.  We split our rentals into depths in that range and the middle twenties did not fair as well.

The weather stayed fairly steady which i think helped some and it looks like it will until Wednesday with a warm-up and some snow on Thursday. With a little over two weeks left in the Walleye season it looks like we will be headed towards a good finish.  We will be experimenting a little with shallower water this week and just might move a few before the weekend with the warmer temps coming.  We’ll see.

The Lybacks/TWP Tournament is full and will be held Feb 24th.  I’m hoping there it will a nice weather day.

Keep a Tight Line!     Eddy