February 13th, 2015

Today we got ready for the weekend. Finishing roads, moving houses, getting rentals ready for all that are coming. Tonight the wind is supposed to pick up from the NW and cold weather is coming in.  So far it’s not been too bad and I’m thinking it won’t be.  At least not compared to last winter…..

The bite was pretty slow today even though the barometer dropped some overnight.  yesterday it was extremely high.(30.6) I had on mine, and it dropped to about 30.  And I’m not sure what it will do when the next front comes thru overnight.  I’m not blaming the lack of the bite on the barometer, but over the years, (and there has been many at this place), it has been associated with when they bite and when they don’t.  Not intentionally, but over the last 60 years and starting with my Mom and Dad.  They always kept a record of when customers did well and when they didn’t.  And they always kept a daily record of the barometric pressure. And they for the most part coincided. To some it doesn’t matter, but I’m thinking it does…….oh well  🙂

Either way fishermen are coming back to Mille Lacs and there will always be somebody out there that does well.  And there will be some that don’t.  But when it comes to being out there trying……it still is an experience that many enjoy.  When your on the ice in a nice, warm, and comfortable house, it’s still an adventure!

Keep a Tight Line!    Eddy