February 13th,2014

Yesterday the Perch activity was sparse on the deeper breaks, but in the shallower water 14-18 feet they were active. Walleyes were out deeper and most were under the harvest slot. Tullibees were out the along with Perch in the Tullibee Hole but not active at all.

The weather the last two days had definitely made some ice with the cold temps.  Small cracks are appearing all over with the freezing temps, but they freeze almost immediately. so no issues with the roads for any type of wheelhouse combo as long as they keep the speeds down. This coming week the temps will be warming up so the fishing patterns will change.  I’m thinking that after seeing the bigger Perch in the shallow that there will be some more activity there soon also.

The lybacks/TWP Tournament is Feb 27th,  150 persons/$50.00/person.  100% payback of cash and prizes.  We are at 125 people so get you spot soon.

Keep a Tight Line