February 14th, 2015

Friday night and Saturday day had about the slowest bite I had seen all this season.  Friday evening before the wind started there was some action, but by midnight when the wind took off the bite stopped. Saturday thru the the day there was some activity, but very little.  A few fishermen caught some too big Walleyes on Pope’s, but I really didn’t hear of much else.  Sunday as they check out I’ll get a better idea.

When the wind let go Friday night it really blew for awhile.  There were at least 40 mph gusts as the temps kept dropping and today is slowly diminished thru the day.

Fishermen that are fishing the  Lybacks/TWP Tournament next Saturday….remember you must check-in at the office and register your ticket BEFORE the tournament start or you will not be eligible for any door prizes.  Registration is open this Friday am thru Saturday am.  Tournament rules will be given out at that time.  Start time for the tournament is 7:00a.m Sat. final fish weighed will be at 4:00 sharp. (Unless you are in line)  Weigh in opens at 2:00.

Keep a Tight LIne!!