February 14th, 2017

Monday the bite was slow, both deep and shallower except for the sundown hour from what reports I heard.  A few reports of activity from 5 to 7pm was all I heard.

This warmer weather that is coming over the weekend will not cause any problems for where our houses are as they are on the shore-side of the pressure ridge, (See map page). We do have a bridge over it and at this time are plans are to leave it out for the weekend. We found a really good spot to cross it and are going to move it there tomorrow.  But I will make no promises that by the weekend we will keep it out.  It all depends on how much the ice pushes as it warms up, and how many nights we have that it stays above freezing.

As of last evening there were 7 spots left in the Lybacks/TWP Tournament, so we will be full soon.  We have lots of good prizes and everyone will get something whether they win or not. Depending on the temperatures, we will determine where we will have the weigh-in. it will either be on the ice right in front where we have 30″ plus of ice, or in the field where we normally have had it the past few years.  We’ll see…

Keep a Tight LIne!     Eddy