February 15th, 2017

Yesterday the NW wind was blowing 30-40 mph, so we did not see much for portable activity. We move 3 rentals that are up for the Mon-Thur period to some new spots. We’ll see how they did this morning.

The talk the last couple days on the Twin Cities news stations is  “stay off the lakes”, “get your house off the ice”, etc.  I know they are reporting what is happening to lakes in the southern part of the state, but it is getting fishermen nervous about the ice up here at Mille Lacs.  We DO NOT have that problem here at Mille Lacs  Our ice depth is 24-30 inches in areas where we are going.. Looking at the 14 day weather forecast for our area they say we will have warm days in the mid to upper 40’s from Fri-Tues, but only two of those nights will be above 32 degrees.  The rest of the nights it will be below freezing. And by mid next week leading to the last weekend on the ice for the season with houses looks like a possible 1-2 inches of snow and below freezing temps. So I think things will be OK up here.  The only issue most places around the lake have is the pressure ridge and fishermen just have to be careful and stay away from it, don’t try to cross it, or go out of a resort that has a bridge that they are maintaining.

The Lybacks/TWP Tournament on Saturday, February 25th is full. All 150 tickets are sold. We will be posting the rules all next week so those entered can copy them and know what to do.  We will have lots of good prizes for everyone and are looking forward to a very fun day to celebrate the end of the season here at Lyback’s Ice Fishing.  We will be pulling houses starting Monday Feb. 27th, but will keep our roads open like usual for as long as we safely can into the spring.

Keep a Tight Line!!    Eddy