February 17th, 2016

Yesterday things were fairly quiet with the bite on the lake. Not many anglers for one and those out there didn’t have much luck.

Last evening the ice pushed on the shoreline so this am I will be repairing the access. With the warmer weather coming the next few days the ice will be doing some expanding and I sure there will be more to deal with.

The Lybacks/TWP Tournament is full.  all the spots were taken as of today.  It will be Feb 27th. See attached for the rules TWP 2

Last evening I attended the Mille Lacs Advisory committee meeting. Basically the last of the background/informational ones explaining what has been happening, methods of census, and treaty protocols, etc.  The next will be the setting of the anglers regulations for the summer season.  With the bite the way it is now and the huge numbers of smaller 2013 Walleyes, the bite will most likely be off the charts this spring. As one person commented, “the perfect storm” is approaching Mille lacs this spring and with 28,500lbs to anglers with the predicted good bite because of lack of forage, or huge numbers of one year class. It is going to wipe out that quota in a heartbeat by hooking mortality unless some very drastic things are done.  Either way it is another lose/lose for Minnesota’s anglers and the Mille Lacs Area businesses, (including the Bands Casinos). When is the State of Mn and the Bands going to realize what they have allowed to happen and start to change it.  There are many ways to get it done and one of them is for you the angler to start talking to your legislators NOW! This is and election year for most of them and you NEED to tell them you want change.

Keep a Tight Line!