February 17th and 18th, 2014

Monday and Tuesday the weather moderated and the fishing picked up.  Seems that the bigger  Perch were becoming more active also.  We  are moving houses  for the last weekend and we’ll see how they do.
The Lybacks/TWP Tournament is Sat Feb 22nd.  7:00 to 3:00.  Weigh-in and festivities  will be in the storage lot for the houses.  It is cleared off, there is  plenty of room for parking and it will be out of the wind as the weather after the snowstorm Thursday going back to cold.  Everyone must sign in and register at the office before fishing.  That can be done Friday or early Saturday am. before the Tournament  Office will be open at 5:00.  Prizes will be given out for The Biggest, The Smallest, and the “one in the middle”  They have to be game fish typical to Mille Lacs and must be within  Mille Lacs special Regs to weigh.  You can weigh as many as you want, but can only register one  fish for the contest.

Today we are getting ready for the snow storm coming.  It looks like we will be on the west edge of it which would be nice.  We just don’t need anymore out  there.

Keep a Tight Line!!