February 18th, 2015

Today we finished moving rentals, getting ready for the weekend.  Almost all are in new spots. The day out there was windy and cold to say the least, but the weather is going to change a little Friday going into Saturday with some snow and a barometer change so we will see how that works…..

The deeper spots today were pretty quiet as far as the bite. And very few were out there in any depth due to the cold and wind.  This am we had -18 and a strong NW wind, and if you were going to be out it had to be in a house.

The next two days we will be busy getting ready for the weekend and the Lybacks/TWP Tournament. Remember those entered will have to register at our office and sign a waiver BEFORE fishing or you ticket will not be valid for prizes even if you paid.  I’m still undecided where the weigh-in will be. (Either on the lake or back in the field out of the wind.  You will be informed when you register.)  It should be a good time for all that attend and I’m getting excited for it.

Keep a Tight Line!   Eddy