February 18th, 2017 evening

This morning the freezing temps overnight helped “firm” things up a bit until about noon. then it got pretty sloppy out there. As I write this at 8:00pm it is still above freezing, but is supposed to drop below 32 later tonite.  Starting tomorrow its above freezing temps till Wednesday eve. We have 24-28″ of ice so a few more days shouldn’t hurt the ice much. Especially when there will be little traffic out there because it is during the week. A fairly significant storm is forecasted for Thurs thru Friday eve along with colder weather so winter is coming back.  Just in time for the Lybacks/TWP Tournament which will be held next Saturday, storm or not…so plan ahead.

The bite was slow today for most,but quite a few fishermen reported seeing Walleyes on the cameras with none showing interest. The Perch bite was good for some this morning at daybreak for a couple hours in shallow.  One rental reported 50 caught in 14 feet of water with many from 10-12″.  Not everyone seen action like that but it’s good to know they are in close. Alot of fishermen tried the  Tullibee hole and other mud areas for Perch and pretty much struck out.

This is the last call for wheelhouses and portable fishermen crossing our bridge over the pressure ridge as we are pulling it tomorrow afternoon. Those out there tonight from us know that and will be across it tomorrow before noon.  With rain and more warm weather until Wednesday, I am not going to deal with fishermen crossing it. And too many “roamers”  that don’t know what they are doing let alone who’s bridge it belong to is the other reason.  We will pull it and block it up and wait until the weather change to decide if we will be putting it back across for the last weekend.

Keep a Tight Line!!    Eddy