February 19th, 2016

Yesterday was pretty good out there for most fishing for Walleyes, Perch activity was good, but mostly smaller ones.

We have broken up a some of our deluxe houses into 12 hr shifts for the weekend for those that might want to come up and fish for a 12 or 24 hr period.  There are some openings yet.

I think the warmer weather is not going to affect ice conditions much.  We might lose a little snow, but with freezing temps at night it will last. I will be working on the road approach as the warmer weather always pushes ice up and will be making it good for wheelhouses to get on and off.

The Lybacks/TWP Tournament is full and is going to be held Feb 27th.  People that entered need to read the attached rules.   TWP 2

Keep a Tight Line!