February 19th,2017 2:30 pm

Starting tonight until Thursday morning (February 23rd), we are closing our access to vehicle traffic.  This afternoon we are pulling our bridge of the pressure ridge and blocking it up until the weather turns colder.

Fishermen out there now will be coming off tomorrow.  We will not allow anyone else on the ice out of here.  This closure is not due to thin ice or anything like that.  We still have 24″ plus ice. But with the warmer weather, traffic can do more damage than just leaving it sit.  The next 48-60 hours we are going to have above freezing temps, and I do not want any more traffic on the ice to “rut” things up more than is necessary.

The weather forecast is for things to starting to cool down Wednesday evening and continue staying colder. What was to be a big snowstorm looks more likely to stay farther south with the cooler drier air coming Wednesday. (I still hope we get a few inches out there at least.)  But by the weekend it will be more winter for the last one Walleye weekend of the season, and the Lybacks/TWP Tournament on Saturday.  If the weather forecast holds we will be good to go.

Keep an eye on this report for any changes as we go.       Keep a Tight Line!!