February 19th,2018

Sunday as fishermen came off I got a chance to talk to quite a few to see how the weekend really went.  Once again it was about a 50/50 mix from fair to slow.  However the ratio of “keepers” increased again.  Some big Northern were caught in the shallows and some even found some nice Perch.  The “Tullibee Hole” started showing signs of activity with schools upon schools of Tullibee moving thru.  If the “bugs” start hatching down there we might have a bite for them soon.  (That would be nice with the Walleye season closing Feb 25th.)

Today the snow is coming down pretty good.  Right now there is about 3 inches on the level and more is expected, so we will be plowing this week for the weekend. The Lybacks/TWP Tournament is full and on for this coming Saturday.  See attached rules for those that have entered.

All permanents must be ready to pull by Monday morning the 26th.  All wheelhouses with weekly fees will have to be settled up by Sunday Feb 25th.  Those storing for the summer or plan on leaving it awhile longer for Perch, Tullibee, and Northern will have to contact the office and make arrangements by Feb 25th also.  Any permanent house in the storage lot with unpaid storage will be turned into collection and will be billed for the cost of disposal also.

Keep a Tight Line!    Eddy