February 1st, 2016

Yesterday as fishermen left we found out it was a good weekend for alot of anglers. Many stopped and reported their catches and almost everyone caught numerous under the slot Walleyes and were very positive of the lakes future.  Some anglers caught some “trophy’s”  as well.  A 29″ 11lb and 28″ 9.5lb Walleyes was caught, and another 40″ Northern also.

The shallow water did as well as the deeper and the shallower water had better Perch action.  The “Tullibee Hole” had  Perch and Tullibee caught with some Walleyes in the mix too.  One angler had a camera and numerous Northerns were seen out there also.  It is not very often that you have such nice weather and good fishing as we did this past weekend.

The ice held up well with the warm temps and I want to thank the wheelhouse customers for taking it easy on the roads by keeping the speed down.  It was nice to see.

We are going to be getting a part of the big snow storm, but as least the worst of it will be south so that will be nice for the ice.

The Lybacks/Twp Tournament is on for Feb 27th.  Entry fee is $50.00/person, 100% payback in cash and prizes and 150 contestants.  There are approx 60 spots left so sign up soon!

Keep a Tight LIne!