February 20th, 2015

Today the bite picked up in shallow as the weather warmed and barometer dropped. Maybe the moving of rentals is going to work.  Tonight we will find out for sure.

All private customers are plowed out and expected to show up and get their houses ready to pull unless they call by Saturday and make arrangements to stay out one more week. If not we are going to get them ready to pull and get them off the lake and they willed be billed for it.  So either show up or call….your choice.

The last preparations for the Lybacks/TWP Tournament were finished today and we are looking for a good day for it tomorrow.  The wind is going to switch to the NW sometime in the am.   So we are going to have the weigh-in back along the driveway (entrance) to the resort in the field like we have had some of the earlier years. No sense in making contestants stand in the cold and wind to wait for their number to be called.  We are going to have a huge bonfire and plenty of parking for the contestants so it should be a good time.

Tonight we finished bagging the prizes and numbering them and everyone will receive a door prize equal to their entry fee based on retail prices.  Many of the prizes are well over that (From $129.95 to $750.00) so it will be a good finish for the season and also show our appreciation to our customers and those fishing the tournament.

Keep a Tight LIne!!        Eddy