February 20th,2016

Yesterday started out with rain showers at 9am till about 2pm.  It was enough to settle the snow and get things wet out there.  We spent most of the day pushing wet snow drifts away from houses to get the weight away from them so they wouldn’t be as wet around them. A couple anglers were surprised to see the effects of the rain when they arrived. But despite the warm and rain the day went pretty well. We put the hole liners back in the rentals as the warm temps were deteriorating the banking.  The colder temps are coming and the next couple days things will heal up and we will finish out the season in good shape out there.

The bite was fair with Walleyes on the deeper transition areas. Quite a few 22″to 26″ were reported C/R along with the “unders”. The Perch were biting but most were the the 6″-9″ range. The anglers with cameras in the deeper spots were seeing keeper sized, But they were not biting.

Next Saturday the Lybacks/TWP Tournament is on.  All 150 spots are taken and we will be getting ready for it this week.  Should be a fun time. See attached for rules:  TWP 2

Keep a Tight Line!