February 21st, 2014 6:00 p.m.

Due to the weather and ice conditions we are going to cancel the TWP/Lybacks Tournament tomorrow  (Saturday, Feb 22nd).  After spending the day getting those out there off and seeing what’s happening out there it is the best thing to do. The wind is forecasted to continue and even if it dropped we would not have a lot to offer for places for people to fish and almost everywhere there would be flooding.  We had 10 inches of snow and with the wind we’ve had it looks like “whitecaps” out there.

I am contacting vendors that we purchased prizes from with the entry fee money about returning most of them and I’m sure we will be able to send some back, but will end up keeping some over for next year.

As far as entry fees, there will be two options. Starting Monday you can call and request a refund, or call and save your ticket for next year.  We have names and phone numbers of all contestants but will need an address to send refund to so make sure you call on Monday or Tuesday so we can get the process going.  For those that want to carry it over to next year we will start a new book with name, address, phone, ticket number and amount paid. It would help if some do that to help pay for some of the prizes we can’t return.  We will pack them away and use them next year.  It’s the first time in seventeen years since the beginning of TWP Tournament it has happened, but I want everyone to know it is for the best this time.  I’m not going to have people out there struggling to have what is supposed to be fun.

Rental customers for this weekend we are going to have to cancel completely. So basically we are done.  We are going to concentrate all our efforts to get houses off before the colder weather comes later this week and things get even tougher.

Private customers we are done also, if you can make it up this weekend to get your house ready to go that is all you are going to be doing.  There is a lot of snow around the houses and the sooner we get them out of there without drilling holes the better.  If you can’t make it up, call the office and and let them know what has to be put down inside, because they are coming off asap. Those who come up tomorrow to get their houses ready to be pulled can stay in their houses in the storage lot overnight if they would like.

Sorry it had to end this way, but I guess the way it has been going all year it figures..I had a feeling something like this was going to happen….We will start over again next year and go from there. One thing I’ve found out thru all the years out there and I’ve had a bunch of them…., There is a time to go and a time to stop. And this is one of the few times to stop.. It’s not like having a big snowstorm in early January with more cold weather coming.  We might have a few days of cold this coming week. But in March, warmer weather and snow is coming and slush won’t freeze anymore…

Keep a Tight Line!