February 21st, 2017

We went out on the ice this morning and checked houses and ice depths.  Yesterday’s rain did some damage to the ice, but not as much as I thought it was going to.  The near freezing temps late night helped.  The ice thickness ranged from 24″ in the clear dark ice to 28″ in the cloudy ice closer to shore.  When we drilled the top 2 inches was soft and when you got about 3-4″ from the bottom and would pull up and watch, water would slowly seep in. so a small amount of honeycombing is starting. There are a few spots where waterholes formed from water draining, but none we found on the shoreside of the pressure ridge where we go that were bigger than 18″ in diameter.  We did not check the main lake side. But fishermen out there will have to beware. But with the colder weather coming for the weekend things will firm up well, especially on top.

Our biggest challenge is that we are going to have to move all the rentals to a new spot, set them up and get them ready by Friday noon.  Most of the private customers houses will need to be moved also.  Reason being that most of them slipped off the blocks as the top ice was melting and the holes don’t line up anymore.

My plan is to open the access Thursday am. ,but we might delay it a day depending on how much thing freeze up.  I will update this report at 6:00 pm Wednesday so you will know by then. I will also decide if we are going to let wheelhouses out or not by Friday morning.  The Lybacks/TWP Tournament is still going to happen on Saturday and I have scanned and attached the rules to this report so everyone is aware.   Keep a Tight Line!!