February 21st, 22nd, 2015

Friday evening the temps rose and the bite improved and was ok until the wind started on Saturday and as the barometer rose it slowed down for most.  There were alot of fishermen seeing Walleyes around the Banana.  Gull Reef and Popes also.  So they were in shallow and deeper spots. Saturday night and into Sunday so far most reports as fishermen were leaving were of a slow bite.  A few individual large Walleyes were caught and released overnight.

The Lyback’s/TWP Tournament went well Saturday with about 145 of the 150 showing up for it. Having the weigh-in back in the field was a good move as there was no wind and alot warmer than on the ice.  Fishermen weighed in all four categories: Perch,Walleye, Tullibee, Northern.  Largest Pike was 20.12 lbs, Perch was 1.09lb  Walleye was 2.30lbs, and largest Tullibee was 2.30lbs.   We handed out door prizes to everyone attending.

Fishermen are leaving today and most are getting their houses ready to pull off for the season, although a few are staying one more weekend for Perch, Tullibee and Northern Pike ( Northen Pike has an extended season to the end of March this year.)  I will be leaving some rentals out for that and will be moving them to specific areas for them this week.  Come up and give it a try.  With the weather warming later this week and next weekend looking pretty nice it will be worth the trip!

After March 2nd, unoccupied houses must be removed off the ice overnight, so we will pull the rest of the permanents in just before then. Wheel house owners remember if you are in the house you can stay out overnight.  We will be keeping roads out for wheel houses and portable fishermen well thru March weather permitting.  Check with the report on how it is going.

Keep a Tight Line!!           Eddy