February 21st,2016

Friday night and Saturday the warm temps along with the sun in the afternoon got things pretty wet out on the ice. But for us things kept going fairly well.  The roads in the rough ice areas got a little rough as the hard pack on top melted but by evening we scraped them off and by dusk everything was starting to freeze. The roads will be in good shape when they come off today.  Some houses collected water around them from the weight of the drifts and  the worst ones we pushed the snow/slush away from them and they floated up high and dry. today I going to do the same to others before they freeze too.

The bite was fair Friday night and Saturday am. and Saturday afternoon and evening it took off in the shallower reefs.  Numerous reports of 24″-28″ Walleyes were C/R and the deeper reefs reported action too.  But I think the old “full Moon” shallow water theory was working last night.

The weather looks like it is going to be pretty nice out there this week and going thru next weekend. People should come up and enjoy the fishing this last week for the Walleyes.  Seeing what is coming this summer with the low harvest quota set by DNR and Bands at “their” Technical Committee, and the expected bite….who knows what is going to happen. The  protocols of “treaty management” has to be thrown out and a better way must be found.  The idea of disturbing the spawning grounds of Walleyes in the Spring just because you can by some treaty doesn’t mean it is good for the resource for starters…look at what it did to contribute to the Mille Lacs Walleyes the last fifteen years…nothing but problems and negativity for all….wake up and use some common sense….

Keep a Tight Line!