February 22nd, 2017

Most of the weather forecasts are showing us on the edge of the heavy snow although a couple models show 4-8 inches.  Today we are going to move and block rentals.  The weather is to turn colder and tomorrow we will be moving privates off their spots and closer to roads that are ready to pull already.  Alot depends on what will happen weather wise and I will be updating again tonight.  We will be deciding tomorrow if we are going to cancel rentals or not for the weekend.  It all depends on the weather.

Our plan is to get things ready to pull as soon as the colder weather firms things up over the weekend.  For know the Lyback/TWP Tournament is still on and we will let you know of any changes that we make with that.  Either way, fishing or not, we will have the drawings for prizes.  Keep watching the report.

Keep a Tight Line!      Eddy