February 23rd, 2014

All we have let out there are three houses after today, and I’m glad about that.  Once again the wind picked up bringing in colder weather and after last night colds the drifting continued.  The  drifts are getting harder and heavier and the next couple days when the cold gets to the ice there is going to be more flooding.  There is a lot of ice out there, but there is a lot of snow too.

The date for next years Lybacks/TWP Tournament is set for Feb 28th, 2015.  Those that had tickets for this year need to call the office Monday and Tuesday to keep there ticket for next year or request a refund.  Names, addresses and phone numbers are needed for that either way. (Refer to Feb 21st 6 pm’s blog for more info).  I had a tough time with making the call last Friday afternoon and I’m sure there was disappointment and frustration by many.  At the same time I was not going to have an event that a lot of fishermen wouldn’t have made it to because of bad roads and weather and forfeited the ticket.

It was one of the worst winters weather wise that I’ve seen since 81-82. In fact it reminded me of some of them in the late 60’s when I was a kid.  I don’t know how my Dad made it thru some of those years…. The only one that topped all was the blizzard in 1975 which only a few remember now.

With the early ice, then heavy snow delaying our early start, the constant snow and wind every couple days with lots of cold weather, the slot-limit regulation and negativity brought to the lake because of it. Made it a hard one for Cindy and I, and it will take a year or two to recover but we’ll still be here. Next year I’m hoping some of the Perch will be more “keepers” and get fishermen to come to Mille Lacs again like they used to in the winter.

I’m going to be keeping roads out for Perch and Tullibee as long as the weather permits.

Keep a Tight Line!!