February 23rd, 2017

Today we started pulling houses off the lake into the storage lot. With the rain earlier in the week the frost started going out and despite the gravel it was soft  but with the 277 Cat skidsteer with tracks all went really good.  Tonight it is going to freeze up even more and tomorrow evening the rest of the houses will be will be off the lake. Somebody above was watching out for us this weekend.  With the major snowstorm going south of us it was definitely a blessing.

If the rain hadn’t come Monday we would have still been out there for this weekend. But the water going down the holes and cracks created some very big waterholes that a person, even a vehicle could have went down in.  Last night we got about 2 inches of heavy wet snow that stuck on the ice and with tonight’s cold those holes are going to crust over and with the little snow forecasted tomorrow with the wind they will be hidden from view.  The thickness of the ice is not a problem especially now that that top 3-6″ of soft ice is refreezing. Most of it out there is 24″ or more. Just a word of caution to anyone going out venturing out on the lake if you don’t know where the the holes are…..beware…

We are going to have our Lybacks/TWP Tournament prize drawing Saturday at 3:00 pm.  Not sure if it will be back in the field along our entrance or on the ice down in front.  We will wait and see how bad the wind is blowing and decide then.  If you come up you will know where we are going to have it when you turn in….

Keep a Tight Line!!     Eddy