February 24th, 2016

Yesterday the bite remained pretty good for both Walleyes and Perch. The Tullibees were biting in the Tullibee Hole as well.

The ice conditions are very good and even with the warm day coming Saturday there will be no problems with getting around on the lake.  The cooler temps up here froze all that had melted and got wet last weekend and one day of 40 degrees will not affect it.

We had a couple cancellations from anglers for our deluxe rentals so there are some openings yet.  We will be breaking them up in 24 hr periods instead of the normal 48 hr weekend stay for those interested.  This will be the last Walleye weekend of this season so come and enjoy the bite for the last time this winter, It will be a great weekend to be out there.

Also the Lybacks/TWP Tournament will be held this Saturday. Remember you must be registered prior to the tournament.  See attached: TWP 2

We will start to pull houses Monday but i plan on leaving a couple rentals out for Perch and Tullibees and one or two in Northern Pike areas for those wanting to rent until March 7th.  After that we will maintain roads out there as long as the weather permits.

Keep a Tight Line!