February 25th, 2015

Sunday/Monday I was out of town at a funeral for a family member so no report.

We started pulling permanent and lining them up on the roads close to shore. Starting this afternoon we will be bring them up and placing them in the summer storage lot. We are also placing rentals for the last weekend on they can be left on the ice.  Some are going down by the islands for Northern and Perch and some will be going out to the east side of the Tullibee Hole for Perch and Tullibee.  We still have some openings for the weekend so give us a call.

The “big” news is  the Mille Lacs 2015 safe harvest levels for Walleye were set which supposedly are less than last year.  I’m going to attend the Input Group meeting Thursday evening and find out more.  It just amazes me that with harvest levels down to less than 1/10th of what MIlle Lacs used to produce and maintain..That the State doesn’t call and argue the conservation issue that they can according to the courts decision. They could argue that disturbance of spawning grounds hinders the productivity of the Walleyes, (much like they will not allow anglers to fish for Walleyes during the spawning season).  I would think every egg that could hatch whether it survives or not would be a plus in helping the recovery of the Mille Lac’s  Walleye population. ( Especially with all the things that even the DNR can control like invasive species, climate change, water clarity)  Too much politics…too much untaxed tribal money paid out to our legislator’s… too many statistics on Mille Lacs that are not accurate…, in my opinion are the main problems that we can change.  And what is missing most that we need is common sense….

I’ll let you know more Thursday evening what I hear……

Keep a Tight Line!!