February 23rd,2018

With the extra snow this past week the mobility of wheelhouses off the roads is starting to get tough. You can still find your way around and get off the roads, but definitely not as easy as it was for most of the winter.  Spots can be plowed, but only during daylight hours.  Average cost for that is $20.00, access fee do not include a plowed spot. Ice conditions are good for wheelhouses with no pressure ridges , bridges, etc.

The bite is more and more in shallow from what I’ve seen the last week. But they are getting more unpredictable as they are eating well. The Walleye that are being caught are very healthy. The Tullibee Hole is seeing more activity with Perch. And schools of Tullibee are showing up out there looking for food.

With this being the last weekend, all permanent house customers will have to have their houses ready to pull off the lake on Sunday when they leave.  All accounts, permanent, wheelhouse weekly and seasonal will have to be settled and paid in full also.  Wheelhouses wanting to stay thru the Northern season are welcome, we just need to know who is.  Same weekly rates will apply.

The Lybacks/TWP Tournament is this weekend and they are predicting some snow Thursday night and again Saturday night. So far predictions are 3-6 inches both times, and with the warmer weather it shouldn’t be too bad.  I’m still not sure where the weigh-in will be yet, (either in front on the ice or back in the parking lot), We’ll see how the weather looks and decide Saturday morning when everyone registers.

Keep a Tight Line!   Eddy