February 26th, 2013

We are down to about 11 houses out on the lake.    Most are rentals for the next couple days and thru the weekend.  I moved them out to the “Tullibee Hole” and east for the Perch bite, and a nighttime bite for Tullibees.  ( I hope).  We will be keeping roads out for quite some time.   It will be longer than we have the last couple years so I’m thinking we might get in on some late season Perch this year.

Tomorrow evening will be the Input Group meeting for Mille Lacs and the new regs for next year since the big drop in safe harvest.   There is a lot of upset anglers all over and businesses around the lake. And rightfully so.  it is time the MN DNR realizes that Mille Lacs Lake is the “Gem” of Walleye lakes in Minnesota. (especially with it’s location to the most anglers in the state)   It’s time to stand up against gill netting during spawning, and time to not let “special interest’ groups as BASS Federation, Muskies Inc.  and others push them in St. Paul.  Walleyes, Perch and Northerns are what Mille Lacs  has been about and what it should always be about.  Everyone needs to contact their state representative and those out of state need to contact the MN DNR Fisheries in St. Paul and let them know how many of you want to have Mille Lacs for the good of the Walleye/Perch anglers.  ( What it was always famous for.)

Keep a tight line!!     Eddy