February 28th,2015

Yesterday the action was out in the mud from what I heard last evening.  We had one rental end up with 22 Tullibee and some nice Perch and some portable fishermen did well also.

Some anglers went in shallow for Perch and Northern, but they did not see much activity.  But with the barometer as high as it was it was surprising fishermen did as well as they did.

Today as rentals are leaving I will be pulling them close to shore out in front. Monday the rest of the houses out there will be off just in time before the snow forecasted on Tues.

This time of year is always sort of hard for me after a long season like this was.  You get used to the commotion and all the fishermen everyday and then when the houses are in the storage lot except for portables fishermen, it’s over for another year.

There was a time years ago when it felt good that it had been a good season and had a positive attitude for the coming year.  The last ten years or so seeing the springtime spawning season and actually seeing how the resource was abused…, Living in an area where everyone really see’s what is happening every spring. Seeing it covered up with excuses from our State government and it’s agencies instead of standing up and protecting the resources for the citizens that they represent. Seeing the local economy struggling because of “treaty management” and it’s unjustness is not a battle the people that live up here should have to face any longer. The depression it brings to this area and it’s people that live here is undeserved on top of abusing the resource. It affects relationships in the lake community and even personal relationships of some because of the stress involved with the injustices of it all.  Most of us do our best to be positive despite all of it, but this all has to stop. When the State has approximately three million license paying anglers you would think they would do everything to protect and preserve their rights also, instead of it’s Governor and legislators taking lobbying money and ignoring us. Maybe a little help from everyone that really cares about the Mille Lacs Lake and all the lakes farther north of here that will probably be affected soon by “another treaty” should speak up besides just a few……..

Keep a Tight Line!          Eddy