February 2nd, 2016

The shallow night bite is still there after seeing the catches yesterday from the overnight rentals. All had good luck with the Walleyes and one house C/R a 40″ Northern in the afternoon. The Perch bite, what there is of it is in shallow also.  One of my customers, who is probably one of the best Perch fishermen I know was out yesterday trying alot of mud spots and deep transitions in the areas we travel and did not have much luck at all.  No real evidence of a bug hatches in some of our late season Perch spots….. yet.  I’m sure it will change in time.

The cooler weather is moving the ice at the ridge so we are keeping a close eye on the bridge.  We plan on allowing portable traffic and wheelhouses over it for the weekend.  Shorter single axle versions will be preferred as coming off the ramps the clearance at the back of the house will be close. Customers will just have to cross it slowly and carefully.  We will not be pulling permanents across the ridge, as the bite is just as good where we are from reports I’m getting . This has been one of the best years I’ve seen for a long time. And you don’t necessarily have to be deep to catch them …

Keep a Tight Line!      Eddy