February 4th, 2014

Today one of our rentals out caught a 29″ Walleye, and made their trip. Fish were biting better today.  Our shallower houses had action, but I’m waiting to see how they do overnight. I’m thinking our moves are going to work out.  As long as the fishermen keep things quiet.  that can make a big difference.

Customers noticed thousands of minnows in shallow today that were not Perch.  That should also be a good sign.  The stable weather we are having will help also.

By now I’m sure most of you have heard about our 60,000 lb. “safe harvest” for this coming open water season.  it is the lowest on record and the State of Minnesota should be ashamed that got that out of hand.  The economy around Mille Lacs will suffer greatly because of it.  Some of us will not be able to make it thru it, some will. It saddens me to see people in the area so worried all the time.  There used to be a time where there was excitement and anticipation for the coming year. Its Just another negative impact of “Treaty Management” that most of you on the outside don’t see…..and our Governor Dayton doesn’t seem to care about…

Keep a Tight Line!