February 4th, 2015

Today I moved a few more houses in shallow as the ones there overnight did pretty good with the Walleyes, both small and large.  Don’t know if it’s the full moon phase or the thicker cloudier ice in closer, but it’s working.

I’m sort of surprised that with the fishing being pretty good and the weather coming this weekend, more fishermen aren’t coming. Or at least it seems that way for now.  Superbowl weekend must have taken it’s toll….   🙂

We are going to try something the last week of February with the rentals.  Since we can leave them out overnite until March 2nd.  I’m going to pull some of them into shallow Northern areas for Perch and Pike.  With the big windows our deluxe houses have they will be idea to sit in and watch tip-ups and fish for Perch at the same time.  Spread the word and get some friends together and give it a try.  It could be alot of fun!!

Keep a Tight LIne!            Eddy