February 4th-5th, 2016

Small Walleyes are being caught along with Perch in the basins the last two days.  The gravel bars are producing in the overnight hrs but there are very few Perch out there.  The deep rock edges on our deeper reefs have been doing better also. We have moved more rentals to those areas.  The shallower reefs are still getting Walleyes in the typical early am and late afternoon bites. The Tullibee Hole has Perch and Tullibee going.  Some days are better than others with the Perch and Northern Pike are roaming out there look feeding on the Tullibee as well.

Ice is doing well with and average of about 18-20 inches and the roads have more where the ice is exposed.  We are letting all wheelhouse rigs go as long as they keep the speed down and most have been very good with that.  We still have some openings for the weekend and are breaking up the deluxe houses that are open that normally rent for the entire weekend to 12 and 24 hr shifts in case someone wants to come fish and get home for the Super Bowl. Call the office for availability.

The Lyback/TWP Tournament is Feb 27th, Entry fee is $50.00/person, limited to 150 people, 100% payback in entry fees in cash and prizes.  We still have some openings so sign up when you can.

Keep a tight Line!