February 6th, 2013

Monday and Tuesday fishing was good for the few that were out there overnight and those that stayed in the shallows at dusk. Not much for fishermen out there during the day.  The Perch are not going well except for the for the deep  mud and there is not many numbers of them.

Today I read a editorial from the Mille Lacs Messenger’s editor  (our Local paper),that was totally off base in my opinion.   In his editorial he was bashing my comments indirectly and the  Twin Cites media.  To me all he was doing was  protecting his paper, and  putting himself in the same category.  Probably because they are always a week behind and don’t care to check with local people before papers 100 miles away do.  Mille Lacs is news to a lot of people in this state. You would think they would be on top of that but they wait a week before they decide to interview someone.  There are some of us that make a living off the lake, and have been active in the fishery longer than the editor has been a a journalist.  It seems we can not voice our opinions to someone else only to be bashed by the local paper.  It seems our local  media is waiting for the lake not to be what it always has been.   Yet, “they” are the “media” and ” they know better”.    My life  and many others has revolved around this lake and some of us care about what is going away instead of just letting it disappear. Everyone can change as time goes on but to blatantly act like they know what is good for all is bull.   Whether it is “good” news or not for you, take a look first!!