February 6th, 2014

Today i finished getting out to the Tundra Reef, pulled some houses out there.  Those that went out had pretty good fishing.  Between the shallower areas and on the deeper deeper breaks there are Walleyes to catch.  Maybe it is the timing of the season or things are improving somewhat.

One thing that fishermen that like this lake need to remember.  Despite what is going on with it ,it still is a lake that has a way to surprise you and will recover from what happens to it.  Some of it is our ability to adapt to it’s changes, And we need to encourage “our managers” ( the MN DNR) to protect it so it can.  it’s time for our State of Minnesota to protect the rights of the “tax paying citizens” to represent our interests !!  Otherwise we will see Mille Lacs turn into like some of the lakes in Wisconsin that don’t have Walleyes in because of abuse of the resource others.  The time for change is now before it is too late, And it would be appreciated if all of you reading this would voice your feelings about this lake to the State of Minnesota,

Keep a Tight Line!!