February 6th, 2016

Yesterday fishermen started coming up for the weekend and hopefully it will be a good one. The Walleye report was pretty good from people fishing in 16 to 24 feet and a couple spots caught and released quite a few over 20″.  Perch activity was slower from what some fishermen reports, but a couple anglers did well in the Tullibee Hole area.

Ice is doing well as long as the anglers keep the speeds down.  Last evening 3 groups of portable anglers coming off the lake didn’t care about other fishermen using the roads and decided to follow each other down our roads at 30-40 mph. The phone in the office was ringing from customers on the lake calling in about them.  So I meet them on the access and they deny it…  pretty typical. They didn’t care that 3 vehicles traveling close together is like moving 15,000 lbs. on it at the same speed and it can weaken the road. And with the warmer weather we have been having the ice won’t heal as fast…. They just went out of our place for their last time. I don’t need or want fishermen like that.

The Lybacks/TWP Tournament is Feb 27th.  Limited to 150 contestants. 100% payback. Full rules will be posted on Monday.

Keep a Tight Line!