February 6th, 2017

Fishing was a little slower for the majority of fishermen this past weekend. It was noticably different than earlier ones this season, but that doesn’t mean it was not good.  Many checking out yesterday did very well while some had little or no luck at all. It seemed to be more of who was using what for bait and tackle than lack of fish down there.  The majority of the over 20″ Walleye are definitely in shallower closer to shore on the reefs, while the 15-18″ Walleye are in the gravel bars and deep transitions on our deeper reefs.  Some anglers went out to the “Tullibee Hole” and had some luck with Perch, but no Tulllibee.  Another 40″ plus Northern was caught and released by the islands. The best Perch catch was over in the “Bowl” with two anglers catching about 60 Perch and keeping 20 that were over 10″.

In talking to the creel clerk Friday evening , the Perch he is finding out about are far an few between, which means to me most of them are not making it to the catchable size as they are getting ate up before they get to the keeper size most anglers like.

The bridge worked out well this weekend with many crossing it and fortunately the temperatures remained fairly steady so the ice didn’t move much at the ridge. This coming week it is supposed to take a dive in temps then warm up over the weekend so things might be changing out there.  Make sure you check with us or watch the report about possible changes.

Keep a Tight Line!!    Eddy