February 7th, 2016

So far as anglers are leaving this morning we are getting mixed reports from pretty slow to pretty good.  There were many over the slot Walleyes C/R fro 21″ to as big as 29″ reported.  Most were caught in the evening hours. Yesterday during the day some anglers had good activity but mostly in deeper waters.  The Tullibee Hole had action for some and hardly any for others.  It all depended on where you were out there.  One angler reported huge schools of Tullibee on camera 10 feet thick but couldn’t get them to go.  While others got their ten and some Perch also.

There was a fair amount of drifting from the southwest yesterday afternoon and evening.  It warmed up so much that the snow quit moving around dusk  This am the wind has switched to the NW and it  sounds like we will get a couple inches of snow with 20-40 mph winds this afternoon.  That new fresh snow will pretty much make it a whiteout for awhile I’m thinking.

The Lybacks/TWP Tournament is on fro Feb 27th.  Entry fee is $50.00/person, 150 contestants, 100% payback.  Rules will be posted on Monday’s report.  We are over 100 entries so get your ticket soon if you are planning to fish it.

Keep a Tight Line!