February 7th,2018

Fishing has been quiet the last couple days.  Biggest reason is that there is not many anglers out.  With just a handful fishing it is hard to judge what is going on.  The bite is very traditional with early morning and late afternoon early evening with and occasional fish during the night.

It is obvious they are eating well as the Walleye that are caught and released are very healthy. And the last two weeks there are more being caught in the slot.  Seems like alot of 19″ something Walleye have had a growing spurt and quite a few 20-201/4″ Walleye are showing up in the catch.  Nicer sized Perch are becoming a little more active in the shallower basins near rocks as baby crayfish are showing up.

We are moving many rentals into new areas for the weekend based on where I’ve seen a little more activity. Ice conditions are good, Wheelhouses can still maneuver around in the open as long as they watch where they are going.  And our roads are in good shape

The Lybacks/TWP Tournament only has about 20 or so spots left so and it is full.  I still didn’t get the info sheet done to attach to the report but will this week.

Keep a Tight Line!